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Carpet cleaning is an important task that needs to be performed regularly. Our expert carpet cleaner uses the finest products and the most advanced techniques to ensure your carpets look like new.

Our Carpet Cleaner in Northern Arizona and Camp Verde, AZ, Can Restore Your Carpet’s Look

At Advanced Cleaning Technologies A-Z, LLC, we offer superior carpet cleaning services in Northern Arizona and Camp Verde, AZ, and surrounding areas. Our services make all the difference in keeping your property looking its best and feeling fresh and clean. Our carpet cleaner is IICRC certified and takes the time to learn about your needs to provide you with a customized cleaning plan that makes sense for your property. Once we’re done, you’ll get a clean, pristine carpet.

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Make Your Carpets Look Their Best

Carpets, rugs, and upholstery can become dirty over time and require regular cleaning to maintain their original appearance. Even if vacuumed regularly, dirt can accumulate between the carpet’s fibers and rugs, making it impossible to remove with a regular vacuum cleaner. That’s why hiring a professional carpet cleaner is important.

Our technician prepares your carpet by pre-treating stains with our citrus-based cleaning products that eliminate caked-on dirt. Our cleaning solutions are kid and pet-friendly and will leave your carpets fresh and vibrant.

Learn More About Our Cleaning Solutions

At Advanced Cleaning Technologies A-Z, LLC, we offer upholstery cleaning services that offer protection against stains while restoring the look of your furniture and carpets: 

  • Steam Cleaning: We use hot water extraction to pull stains out of the fabric
  • Leather Treatment: This is important to condition leather, restore color, and remove stains
  • Deodorizer: This allows us to treat odors at the source
  • Water Extraction: We extract water out of carpets after flooding
  • Black Light Treatment: This treatment allows our experts to detect pet stains

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Our cleaning expert is friendly, knowledgeable, and ready to answer any questions about our services. We can also inspect your fabric and its condition to determine if carpet cleaning is safe. Please request an appointment in Northern Arizona and Camp Verde, AZ, to get started.

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